New Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab S7 VS Galaxy Tab S6 (for students)

Recently new Samsung tablet was released – Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and since I’ve had the opportunity to try it out, I’ve decided to compare it to my current Galaxy Tab S6.

Samsung recently released Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. I’ve had the chance to try out S7 and I think it performs amazingly, especially for school purposes. It comes with a round-shaped pen that is very comfortable to hold and write with. 

There are a lot of updates from Tab S6 in the display and battery capacity, but these weren’t my main focus when picking a tablet, so I won’t be mentioning them. You can find a lot of comparison videos between Tab S6 and Tab S7 online that mainly compare speed, displays, battery, etc. 

There was a pretty big update on Samsung notes so you can now import and edit PDFs. Pen size is now set with a slider instead of having to choose from 5 pre-set pen thickness options. There are also some differences in choosing a pen color, but my favorite update is of course the option of importing PDFs.

Tab S7 comes with a round-shaped SPen. It is so much more comfortable to write with than the Tab S6 flat SPen. You can also purchase a keyboard cover for Tab S7, with an upgraded keyboard that has a larger touchpad that supports multi-finger gestures and has larger keycaps.