Apps for studying

While studying, especially anatomy, some things and structures can be difficult to visualise and understand. For better understanding I sometimes use some apps that I find very useful. I mostly use anatomy apps and some dictionaries.

Anatomyka Anatomy App

This app is basically a 3D anatomy atlas where you can move the structure around, click on the structure and the app will tell you what it is. I got a 12-month subscription for 16,49€. It doesn’t however have neuroanatomy, head and neck are also not finished yet and for some reason, there’s no spleen. It’s very useful for the muscles and other organ systems such as digestive, respiratory etc. It gives a better perspective than atlas, because you can turn the structures around and see how it really is in 3D. I strongly recommend the use of such apps.

Here is an example of how you can see some structures.


Complete Anatomy Platform ’20 App

This is also an amazing app that has everything. I don’t have a subscription here because I remembered I could use an app like that in the middle of the year so buying a one-year subscription for 4 months was too pricey. Some of my classmates have it and it shows you what function every muscle has and it’s great for head anatomy which is hardest for me (especially ear anatomy). This is an app by Elsevier, so it truly has very quality content and if you’re at the beginning of the year I think it’s worth purchasing. ou can read more about it here, they also have a video that shows you what the app looks like.

Medical Dictionary

I find this app especially useful as a first-year student because I’m not familiar with all the medical expressions yet. It helps a lot while studying because I can just look up the expressions I don’t understand and it helps me understanding scientific articles we have to analyse for projects.