Anatomy Mnemonics

When studying anatomy, it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to remember all of the branches of some nerves, vessels, muscle insertions, innervations etc. So, I gathered some mnemonics I that helped me remembering everything. You’ve probably already heard for most of them, but if not, I hope you’ll find them useful.

Carpal Bones

Stupid Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle

(OSSA CARPEI PROXIMALIA) Os Scaphoideum, Os Lunatum, Os Triquetrum, Os Pisiforme

(OSSA CARPEI DISTALIA) Os Trapezium, Os Trapezoideum, Os Capitatum, Os Hamatum

Level Of Diaphragmatic Apertures

  • Vena cava has 8 letters – Th8
  • Oesophagus has 10 letter – Th10
  • Aortic hiatus  has 12 letters – Th12

Nerve Roots Of N. Phrenicus

C3, 4, 5, keeps the diaphragm alive!

Instrinsic Hand Muscles (Lateral To Medial)

All For one and one for all

m. abductor pollicis brevis

m. flexor pollicis brevis

m. opponens pollicis

m. adductor pollicis

m. opponens digiti minimi

m. flexor digiti minimi

m. abductor digiti minimi

M. Erector Spinae Lateral To Medial

I like standing

Iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis.

Femoral Triangle Boundaries


m. sartorius

m. adductor longus

inguinal ligament (lig. inguinale)

Now those next mnemonics were made for English expressions, but since English and Latin are very similar I still found them useful.

Branches Of A. Subclavia

VITamin C and D

a. vertebralis

a. thoracica interna

Thyrocervical trunk (Truncus thyrocervicalis)

Costocervical trunk (Truncus costocervicalis)

a. dorsalis scapulae

Branches Of A. Carotis Externa

Some ancient lovers find old positions more stimulating

Superior thyroid (a. thyroidea superior)

Ascending pharyngeal (a. pharyngea ascendens)

a. lingualis

a. facialis

a. occitpitalis

Posterior auricular (a. auricularis posterior)

a. maxillaris

Superfitial temmporal (a. temporalis superfitialis)

Some new ones coming soon.

Contents Of Sinus Cavernosus

o tom cat

n. oculomotorius (III)

n. trochlearis (IV)

n. opthalnicus (V1)

n. maxillaris (V2)

a. carotis

n. abducens (VI)

T means nothing

Bronchopulmonary Segments (Right Lung)

‘A PALM Seed Makes Another Little Palm

  • Right upper lobe
    • A: apical segment
    • P: posterior segment
    • A: anterior segment
  • Middle lobe
    • L: lateral segment
    • M: medial segment
  • Right lower lobe
    • S: superior segment
    • M: medial segment
    • A: anterior segment
    • L: lateral segment
    • P: posterior segment